The Who and the Why

It all started when co-founder Lang Mei was on a trip in Paris. He got distracted on his phone at a coffee shop and moments later looked to realize that his bag and laptop had disappeared. Desperately trying to get his belongings back, he realized that he wasn't going to ever see them again.

Lang wanted to attack this problem head-on, and it was apparent after evaluating so many existing products out there that the best solution to finding lost things is to prevent losing them in the first place.

Mei met co-founders at the University of Colorado Boulder, and they set out to build their first prototype of the Mu tag.

They have been working on bringing the idea to life for the past 4 years, and now - beginning in 2020 - the Mu Tag is available for on-demand shipment!

It has been an incredible journey with some amazing people who came along to make this dream into a reality.

Meet Our Team

Tom Daniel
Director of Software & AI

1st Place Winner for 10-Year running Prisoner’s Dilemma Competition, 2008

Network Infrastructure Technician at IBM, 2 Years

Founder, CEO & Lead Engineer for Scrip, 3+ Years

Consulting IT Specialist, 6+ Years

Life-long learner, overcame his depression in 20s


Lang Mei
Co-founder & CEO

  • B.S.B in Information Management & Entrepreneurship from University of Colorado Boulder
  • Bus Dev Manager & Co-Founder, F1 Entrepreneur
  • Built 3 Startups in College & Graduated in 2 Years & 9 months
  • Hitchhiked 100K Miles in China at the age of 18


As Lang Mei was wrapping up a semester abroad in Paris, he had little way of knowing he’d soon become the founder of an IoT startup that would surpass its Kickstarter goal in just three days.

Mei, who was studying in a cafe down the street from his school near les Grands Boulevards, suddenly found himself without his bag — or the laptop that had all of his final papers on it. Someone had stolen it, quite literally from under his nose.

“I wanted someone to create a device so this wouldn’t happen again,” he said.

Over that summer, Mei found himself growing more confident he could be the one to make that very device.


Expert Thoughts

Lang and his team are very dedicated to their product vision and draw upon a diversity of technical, business, and international backgrounds. They continue to build upon their idea and seek their competitive niche in the loss prevention / IOT space. Informu was a great addition to our CatalyzeCU cohort and I look forward to their continued progress as entrepreneurs and innovators.   

- Tim O'Shea -   Co-founder @ Engage Colorado

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