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The Most Incredible Bluetooth Tracker Ever!

Prevent Loss

Focused on protecting belongings instead of finding them after they're already gone.


Attach to Anything

Small size and versatile accessories allows attachment to anything.


Rechargeable Battery

Can fully charge in 40 minutes and lasts for 3 weeks.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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1 Year Warranty

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Got my kit of Mu tags, the setup went smoothly! It has been an awesome experience to support you all on Kickstarter and watch your progress over last 3 years. I am excited to put them all to use! They turned out so nice—I am very happy with everything!

– James C. on 01/16/2020

With my busy life, I tend to forget important stuff in a rush. Last time I almost forgot my passport at home before taking a flight. Thanks to mu tag. It sent me an imminent notification so I was able to grab my passport and catch the flight on time. It’s a life saver!

– Llydia D. on 06/27/2019

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